Nutrien Combines Online and Retail Shopping for Ag Inputs

Nutrien Ag Solutions launches new digital platform ( Nutrien )

With an eye toward emerging trends, Nutrien announced it will provide farmers with more ways to buy inputs. Farmers can buy in the company’s retail locations, or from their phones with its Open Platform Digital Portal.

“This customer experience hub will be a one-stop solution and allow us to set a new level of experience for growers, empowering them to make the best business decisions possible,” said Mike Frank, president of Nutrien Retail. The company started Open Platform’s rollout in July of last year and completed introduction phases in recent months.

Nutrien is adding new features, available Oct. 1, Including:

  • Farm Planning Solution tool to help farmers manage all inputs on the farm on a field-by-field basis and product-by-product basis. This allows the user to build a full-season crop plan with consideration for yield and profitability.
  • Spray SMART, Field Specific Weather and Nutrient Advisor

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