Nufarm introduces Terminate cotton defoliant and boll opener

Nufarm announced the availability of new Terminate cotton defoliant and boll opener. Terminate joins a wide range of Nufarm cotton harvest aids.   

Terminate contains two active ingredients, providing a synergistic impact on cotton maturation hormones. This leads to accelerated boll opening and defoliation while reducing terminal regrowth.

"Terminate provides faster boll opening and defoliation in a one-pass application for ease of managing your cotton harvest," says Jerome Kovar, marketing manager for agricultural row crops with Nufarm. "We're excited to provide cotton growers with this new harvest aid tool. Terminate gives cotton growers a faster, cleaner and easier harvest, helping to preserve fiber quality and protect profits."

Terminate may be tankmixed with other plant growth regulators such as tribufos, thidiazuron and ethephon, if needed to meet extreme weather challenges. For harsh conditions, tank mix CutOut for the most optimal combination of boll opening, defoliation, regrowth suppression and removal of juvenile foliage.

For more information about Nufarm and its products in the United States, visit



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