Nufarm has a new seven-day pre-plant label for Spitfire

Nufarm announced that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has approved a new, seven-day preplant use label for Spitfire herbicide on soybeans.

"This is an important option for us to be able to provide to soybean growers, explained Jerome Kovar, marketing manager for agricultural row crops with Nufarm. "In the spring, a day or two of bad weather can really limit a grower's choices when it comes to a burndown herbicide. Now, Spitfire is the only dicamba product with an optional seven day waiting interval between spraying and planting.

Under the seven-day option, countdown to planting starts after a field treated with Spitfire receives a minimum of one-half inch of rain or the equivalent in overhead irrigation. Spitfire is a combination of 2,4-D ester and dicamba. Because the 2,4-D is an ester formulation, it provides excellent cool weather performance. Additionally, other dicamba products require one full inch of rain and a 14 day waiting period until planting, Kovar noted.

Spitfire provides true systemic control, killing weeds both above and below the ground. This helps prevent weed regrowth, unlike competitive products which burn off plant leaves without affecting the roots, he further explained.

"Spitfire provides outstanding control of herbicide resistant and troublesome weeds such as marestail, Palmer amaranth, waterhemp, lambsquarter, ragweed, kochia and others, said Bob Bruss, Ph.D., technical services manager with Nufarm. "It's a good option in the pre-plant application timing, because it lets you control weeds while they're small, which is very important in terms of weed management.

The herbicide can provide burndown ahead of planting and can be tankmixed with other herbicides including residual herbicides.

Nufarm herbicide recommendations by region are available by clicking here.


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