NSP CEO on China: "They Bought One Boat and it All Shut Off Again."

Sorghum Trade Market 022819

The U.S. sorghum industry is suffering due to the trade war between the U.S. and China.

An export report ending February 14 indicates multiple new purchases of sorghum. According to the National Sorghum Producers, those purchases include Italy (1.4 million bushels), Japan (2.6 million bushels) and Spain (6.1 million bushels). NSP says, “We remain substantially below our normal export volumes.”

Tim Lust, CEO of the National Sorghum Producers says China has virtually shut off imports of U.S. sorghum. “They bought one boat and it all shut off again,” said Lust. “The reality is until a deal is done, we probably won’t trade [with China.]”

Tyne Morgan has more during this AgDay analysis with Tim Lust, CEO of the National Sorghum Producers.