NRCS Offering Funds to Plant Cover Crops on Damaged Cropland Acres

After severe flooding, blizzards and other damaging weather events, USDA National Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) is providing EQUIP funds for Nebraska farmers to plant cover crops to manage cropland acres. There are two application opportunities, likely based on cash crop planting windows: by May 17, 2019 or by June 21, 2019.

“This funding will address resource concerns like erosion and water quality, resulting directly from the March 2019 severe weather damage on cropland acres,” said Craig Derickson, Nebraska NRCS state conservationist in a recent news release. “Cover crops are an excellent way to provide protection to cropland after conservation work has been completed. Cover crops can stabilize the soil and improve soil health.”

Their highest priority is for cropland that cannot plant a cash crop for the 2019 season because of field conditions. The cover crops could potentially be grazed but their biggest priority is to suppress weeks, supply nutrients and decrease soil erosion and other damage from bare ground.

“For Nebraska’s cropland that suffered significant damage, planting a cover crop can be a great way to help protect fields and help restore productivity,” Derickson added.