North Dakota soybean crop sets a record

Based on November 1 conditions, North Dakota's 2014 soybean production is forecast at a record 201 million bushels, up 42 percent from last year, according to the USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service. Average yield is forecast at 34.0 bushels per acre up 3.5 bushels from 2013.

Corn production is forecast at 352 million bushels, down 11 percent from last year. Average yield is forecast at 128 bushels per acre, up 18.0 bushels from last year.

Sugarbeet production is forecast at 4.98 million tons, 13 percent below last year's crop. Average yield is forecast at 23.6 tons per acre, down 1.70 tons from 2013.

Dry pea planted acres at 265,000, down 10 percent, and harvested acres at 245,000, were down 13 percent. Production is forecast at 5.15 million hundredweight, down 10 percent from last year. The yield is forecast at, 2,100 pounds per acres, up 50 pounds, from 2013.

Lentils were planted on 75,000 acres, down 42 percent from 2013, and acres for harvest are estimated at 64,000, down 49 percent. Production is forecast at 864,000 hundredweight, down 51 percent from one year ago. Yield is forecast at 1,350 pounds per acre, down 50 pounds from last year.

Small Grain Update - Survey respondents who reported barley, oats, Durum wheat, or other spring wheat acreage as not yet harvested in North Dakota during surveys conducted in preparation for the Small Grains 2014 Summary, released September 30, 2014, were re-contacted in late October to determine how many of those acres were actually harvested and record the actual production from those acres. Based on this information, several changes were made to the estimates published in the Small Grains 2014 Summary. Because unharvested production is a component of on-farm stocks, changes were made to the September 1 on-farm stocks levels comparable with the production adjustments.

Updated from Small Grains 2014 Summary released September 30, 2014:

Other spring wheat acreage harvested is down 50,000, to 6.14 million acres. Yield is unchanged, at 47.5 bushels per acre, but production is down 2.38 million bushels to 292 million bushels.

Durum wheat production is estimated at 28.2 million bushels, down 2.53 million bushels. Harvested acreage, at 795,000, is down 25,000 acres. Yield was lowered to 35.5 bushels per acre, down 2.0 bushels.

Barley acreage harvested at 535,000 acres, down 5,000 acres. Yield, 67.0 bushels per acre, down 2.0 bushels, and production 35.8 million bushels, down 4 percent.

Oat production is estimated 7.67 million bushels, down 730,000 bushels. Harvested acreage, at 105,000 acres, is down 10,000 acres, and yield was unchanged at 73.0 bushels per acre.