Nominations open for beekeeper and grower combo cash grant

The combination of a farmer/grower and beekeeper can earn a $6,000 grant to be used in support of a community partnership that demonstrates how beekeepers and growers are working together to promote and protect pollinators. The award is sponsored by Bayer Crop Science Division.

This is the fourth annual Bee Care Community Leadership Award. This year's award has evolved from previous years of focusing on the efforts of individuals to recognizing the importance of collaboration between beekeepers and growers in supporting pollinators, it was announced.

A panel of three judges consisting of Pamela Smith, editor at The Progressive Farmer, Joe Graham, editor at the American Bee Journal and Becky Langer-Curry, Ph.D., program manager for the Bayer Bee Care Center, will consider applications based on select criteria. Specifically, they will make their decision based on a description of the cooperative project submitted, the quality of answers to questions about bee health, and a letter of reference from one of several stakeholders, such as an apiarist, community organization, grower, agricultural group or member of a relevant organization, such as a beekeeping or gardening association.

"Honey bees play a critical role in supporting modern agricultural production, the pollination value of which has been estimated as much as $15 billion to American crops," said Langer-Curry. "By working together, beekeepers and growers have shown how they can promote pollinators in their communities. This effort will highlight such programs and support partnerships that support crops and honey bees in a mutually beneficial manner."

Any beekeeper and grower pair that has created a partnership that promotes bee health in their community may apply. Those interested in applying for the award can obtain an application at The deadline for submission is Aug. 19, 2016.

This one of Bayer's bee health initiatives, and more information is available at