No More CRP Enrollment for 2017

USDA is capping Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) offers to avoid exceeding the 24 million acre limit set by the 2014 Farm Bill. As of early October, there were 23.5 million acres enrolled and applications for enrollment after Sept. 30 will not be granted.

“All current, eligible CRP continuous enrollment offers made through Sept. 30, 2017—except for those made under the Pollinator Habitat Initiative—will be approved,” said Steven J. Peterson, acting Farm Service Agency (FSA) administrator.

Pollinator acreage has already met its enrollment goal, so no further acres will be considered. USDA’s suspension of all CRP continuous offers will remain through part of the 2018 fiscal year.

Some farmers might be able to take advantage of state-specific Conservation Reserve Enhancement Programs and CRP Grasslands enrollment. Note that offers submitted after Oct. 1 are subject to 2018 rental rates, which are adjusted to reflect current market conditions. Farmers interested in finding out if their state has programs in which they can enroll should ask their local FSA office.