New Wilbur‚ÄêEllis product targets volunteer corn

Wilbur‚ÄêEllis Company announced the launch of its Vaquero herbicide. The company claims Vaquero sets a new benchmark for fast, consistent control of volunteer corn and troublesome grasses in growers' fields.

Vaquero is a proprietary new clethodim active ingredient formulation that incorporates a high active ingredient load with state‚Äêof‚Äêthe‚Äêart technology from a Wilbur‚ÄêEllis surfactant system. The company says the advanced formulation technology behind Vaquero results in superior compatibility and tank mixing. While other formulations reportedly quickly separate and create mixing issues, Vaquero remains emulsified and easily redisperses.

"Vaquero is the only enhanced two‚Äêpound clethodim product on the market," said Dick Barrett, national director of branded products for Wilbur‚ÄêEllis. "The trials we've completed for this product prove it works faster on volunteer corn at lower use rates compared to other formulations."

Wilbur-Ellis conducted 224 trials at 12 different sites across the U.S. with 33 unique protocols, which reportedly represents the largest Wilbur‚ÄêEllis herbicide research program ever conducted.

The company is reminding growers that controlling volunteer corn early is essential for protecting yields, and how results from a South Dakota State University study suggests just four volunteer corn plants per 100 feet of soybeans could reduce yield by 5 percent.