New Ultor Insecticide from Bayer Registered

Source: Bayer CropScience news release

Ultor insecticide from Bayer CropScience was recently registered for use by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for control of aphids, mealybugs, psylla and scales on pome fruits, hops and Christmas trees

"Ultor sets a new standard in how target insect pests are managed," said Kevin Adam, insecticide product manager with Bayer CropScience. "Ultor is distributed throughout the plant via 'two-way systemicity,' eliminating even hidden pests, wherever they live and feed."

Ultor is a lipid biosynthesis inhibitor, the same general chemistry class that brought growers Envidor and Oberon miticides. This chemical class and mode of action combine many of the same desirable properties and attributes from both classical chemistries and insect growth regulators.

Ultor is active by ingestion against immature target insect pests feeding on treated plants. In addition, studies also have shown significant impact on exposed female adult target insects by reducing fecundity as well as the survival of offspring, providing more effective overall reduction in pest pressure.

"Soon after exposure to Ultor, immature target insect pests are trapped in the quiescent stage between molts, and death occurs shortly thereafter due to their inability to progress into the next development stage," Adam said. "Reductions in egg deposition and offspring production, as well as other symptoms, are observed in adult female target insects following exposure."

Ultor is most effective when applied as a preventive or early threshold treatment. Good coverage of the target plant parts, based on the size and density of the treated crop, is recommended to facilitate maximum uptake by leaf surfaces. However, due to its highly systemic nature, lower water volume can often be used.

To achieve the highest levels of uptake and systemicity within the plant, the use of a good spreading, penetrating adjuvant or other additive having similar qualities is essential. Failure to utilize such a product in combination with Ultor can have a dramatic effect on uptake and systemicity, and ultimately on product performance.


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