New OmniStar satellite frequencies outside most of U.S.

OmniStar will be changing the frequency of its L-Band corrections satellites around the world although there are no immediate changes planned for frequencies used on the eastern, central, or western beams for North America.

The existing satellites used by OmniStar, the satellite names for each region, the old and new frequencies, and the period when both frequencies will be in service are available by clicking here.

There will be an 8-week period when both the current frequency and the replacement frequency will both be available for use.

OminStar noted that many receivers will change automatically at the time the "old" frequency stops transmitting. But the company urges users not to wait until that last moment to see if it makes the change automatically. The change in frequence can be made anytime during the "Operational Date" of the new satellite and the "Decommission Date" of the current satellite.

Any questions should be placed with a local OmniStar dealer or through the main Houston, Texas, company numbers (713-785-5850 or 1-888-883-8476) .

For users in South America and Central America, their current frequency of 1535.1375 on AMSAT will change to 1539.9325 and the new satellite name will be "ASAT". Both frequencies will be in service from November 29, 2011 until Jan 23, 2012. This also applies to users in Northwest Canada who are currently using AMSAT. 


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