New MagnaSpread series of spreaders

BBI Spreaders out of Cornelia, Ga., has a new series of fertilizer spreaders that offer unparalleled power, capacity and efficiency. The new precision line of dry applicators being introduced are the MagnaSpread Ultra, MagnaSpread2 and MagnaSpread3. The 2 is a two-hopper unit and the 3 is a three-hopper unit.

The new units provide "applicators that not only match precision agriculture technology capabilities, but also the demands of large-scale environments, said Lee Kilpatrick, director of sales and marketing at BBI.

With 20-ton suspension the MagnaSpread Ultra is "the strongest, heaviest-duty spreader on the market, said Kilpatrick. It combines power 60 percent more horsepower along with a 50 percent increase in torque with persistence. The 20-foot MagnaSpread Ultra features BBI's Continuous Duty Hydraulic Systems, which runs with no heat, offering efficiency that allows the operator to work continuously. The added power facilitates a bigger package, therefore, BBI added four feet to its largest existing spreader to build the MagnaSpread Ultra.

The MagnaSpread2 and MagnaSpread3 are two micronutrient precision spreaders, a two hopper and a three hopper unit. These units allow for efficiency by eliminating multi-pass fertilizing with the major dry fertilizer mix and micronutrients spread at once.

The spreaders are also operable with all major precision ag electronics suites.

"This is patented technology in a proven platform, Kilpatrick said. "The MagnaSpread2 and MagnaSpread3 will deliver higher yields for our customers across the world.

The spreader boxes can be mounted as pull-type or chassis-mounted.

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