New layered polyurethane fertilizer coating introduced

The J. R. Simplot Company, a global supplier of crop nutrient products, announced its new dual-reactive, layered polyurethane fertilizer coating, Gal-XeONE.

This new technology in controlled-release fertilizers can assure the predictable release of nutrients in any climatic condition for timeframes of three, six, nine and 12 months. This patented, polymer-coated fertilizer was invented, in part, with assistance from NASA through its Space Alliance Technology Outreach Program (SATOP).

Gal-XeONE utilizes next-generation polymers that enable the encapsulation of unique fertilizer materials. This encapsulation is created through layers of coating, and the number of layers and temperature regulate how fast or slow nutrients are released. The initial Gal-XeONE focus will be international turf, horticulture, and specialty ag markets.

This technology is part of Simplot's new initiative around Optimal Nutrient Efficiency – Simplot ONE. "Based in science and technology, ONE is committed to providing our customers true solutions that are economically viable as well as respectful of our resources, said Jeff Roesler, vice president of Simplot AgriBusiness.


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