New large-scale indoor vertical farm in Illinois

FarmedHere has recently moved its indoor aquaponic and aeroponic operations to a new 90,000 square-foot post-industrial building in Bedford Park, Ill. Leafy microgreens, salad greens and herbs grown in this new facility have been produced through methods in accordance with the standards of the USDA's National Organic Program.

"This is, for sure, a major milestone for the emergence of indoor, urban farming", said Jolanta Hardej, the CEO and co-founder of FarmedHere, LLC. "We have successfully developed the technology and process to grow indoors in an entirely organic way."

The new FarmedHere's urban farm is housed in a post-industrial building with 150,000 square feet of growing surface. The indoor farm has a totally controlled environment where plants and fish grow. The ability to vertically stack rows of produce and fish nursing tanks "allows for a very efficient use of the available space, notes FarmedHere.

Production is based on two systems: aquaponic and aeroponic. The aquaponic system produces organic herbs like basil and other greens, while at the same time growing tilapia fish. The aeroponic system produces a variety of leafy greens ranging from arugulas to watercress to be offered in nutritious salad mixes. Both systems are extremely efficient when it comes to the use of water and power.

FarmedHere obtained its organic certification as a result of developing and implementing a detailed organic system and farming process plan, followed by a thorough inspection by a third-party certifying agency. FarmedHere farms are certified by Indiana Certified Organic.


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