New insect-active gene discovered through collaboration

Insect control is a challenge farmers face especially as active ingredients to manage these pests are not be discovered and brought to market very quickly. Now, researchers have discovered a novel insect control gene that is active against certain crop-destroying insects that would allow researchers to engineer crops to help protect them from these pests. The gene comes from a unique genetic resource pool, and therefore, offers a promising new way to protect crops.

The discovery was made by researchers at DuPont Pioneer and Hexima, which established a gene discoverty research collaboration in 2014 to investigate new, untapped pools of genes that control insect-feeding on crops. The Pioneer and Hexima collaboration has been focused on finding new gene sources for insect control to help delay the onset of resistance development in insect populations.

"We are very pleased with the results to-date, with this collaboration which applies a unique and innovative approach to new insect active discovery. We are very excited for the future of this research partnership," said Neal Gutterson, DuPont Pioneer, research vice president. "Our goal is to use our combined expertise to create a very effective and lasting control tool for farmers, globally."

"The research collaboration between DuPont Pioneer and Hexima is focusing on developing new insect control technologies to protect crops from damaging insect feeding. We are working to deliver traits of novel mode-of-action with effective crop protection and durability," said Nicole Van Der Weerden, Hexima Ltd., CEO.


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