New Fungicide Labeled for Tar Spot Control

Tar Spot on corn with Black raised “bumps” and small necrotic fisheye symptoms. ( N Kleczewski and J Donnelly )

While tasseling corn is months away, buzz around the farm has been about late-season diseases. Perhaps the most painful of which has been tar spot, a relatively new disease with no solution—until now.

This week FMC issued a 2(ee) label for tar spot control in corn, including field corn, seed corn and popcorn, in Lucento fungicide. The new fungicide can be applied at the onset of the disease through R4 with a maximum of two applications.

According to the label, Lucento can be used for tar spot control in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio and Wisconsin—states that have proven to experience the greatest risk for the pathogen in recent years. If tar spot pressure is high and conditions favor disease progression, the company recommends using higher rates with shorter intervals between application.

In addition to Lucento, FMC issued a 2(ee) label for Topguard EQ fungicide for tar spot control in field, seed and popcorn in the same states.