New Fleet Management Program Expands Digital Connectivity

Farmers Edge today unveiled a fleet management program that expands digital connectivity across all assets and machinery used for farm operations. Connecting another layer of fundamental decision support to FarmCommand, the company’s farm management platform, Farmers Edge has introduced a new on-board diagnostics device called CanPlugX to their suite of hardware to capture data from grain carts, delivery and service trucks, construction equipment, irrigation systems, and more. Designed for retailers, equipment dealers, and large farms with complex and distributed operations that rely heavily on a broad ecosystem of service providers, the fleet management tool provides real-time insights to reduce costs, improve logistics, and create stronger digital connections between all stakeholders.

With CanPlugX devices installed on every vehicle on the farm, stakeholders gain a 360-degree view of their operation for better tracking and improved risk management. This connectivity allows users to protect their most valuable assets, including: staff, equipment, inventory, and land, by being alerted to any conditions that present a hazard to health, safety or productivity. Access to detailed reports and usage statistics help to identify how each vehicle is being used, and by whom, to drive more informed logistical decisions that maximize ROI and lead to better financial performance.

The fleet management program is available for early access release. To sign up, please visit: