New Eminent 125SL fungicide label

A new EPA label amendment grants sugarbeet producers the flexibility to apply Eminent 125SL Fungicide and plant back to small grains 45 days later. The previous label carried a 120-day restriction.

The updated label is most important to growers who plant a winter small grain crop following sugarbeet harvest. The 45-day timeframe offers dual benefits. It gives growers the window of opportunity they need, while providing an alternative fungicide mode-of-action for late season powdery mildew control and resistance management.

Eminent 125SL is a triazole fungicide containing the active ingredient tetraconazole. Due to the strong systemic nature of tetraconazole and the structure of the sugarbeet plant, Eminent 125SL provides extended disease protection by readily translocating through the plant. In addition to powdery mildew, Eminent 125SL is labeled for the control of cercospora leafspot and ramularia in sugarbeets.

Owned by the Sipcam/Oxon Group, an Italian company known for its formulation and manufacturing expertise, SipcamAdvan utilizes a distribution-focused strategy to provide conventional and advanced technology products to the agriculture, turf and ornamental, home and garden and pest management markets in the U.S. and Mexico. The company is headquartered in Durham, North Carolina.

New Eminent 125SL fungicide label


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