New drones for U.S. market introduced

microdrones, a German unmanned aerial systems (UAS) manufacturer, recently expanded its operations into North America and has been working diligently to develop industry-specific product packages and special offers.

"We've worked hard to perfect three exceptional UAS packages, all of which are available immediately," said Mike Dziok, marketing director for microdrones.

microdrones packages (mdSOLUTIONS) currently available for sale include:

  • mdMapper solution: mdMapper conducts aerial survey missions in wind speeds up to 12 m/s while collecting high-resolution 24-megapixel images from above. Industry-leading flight times help you take on more jobs, more efficiently as compared to traditional surveying methods.
  • mdMapMaster solution: mdMapMaster builds upon the mdMapper package with a custom-integrated Applanix APX-15 GPS/IMU direct georeferencing board, allowing users to achieve survey grade results, accurate to two-to-three centimeters


    ground control points
  • mdAgScanner solution: mdAgScanner helps you assess crop health with aerial measurements like NDVI, NDRE, and LAI. This mdSOLUTION includes a MicaSense RedEdge‚Ñ¢ sensor that captures five specific bands - red, green, blue, red edge, and NIR

Founded more than a decade ago, microdrones is the world's first commercial VTOL UAV manufacturer. The company is currently focused on providing cutting-edge platforms and data collection solutions to be used for surveying, mapping, precision agriculture, and infrastructure inspection.