New Croplan by WinField seed is performance validated

Croplan by WinField introduced its latest seed products shown to optimize production in all types of conditions. No matter what challenges Mother Nature serves up, farmers and retail partners will have newfound choices, helping to ensure their success in the coming year.

Our 39 new soybean varieties and 10 latest corn hybrids further raise the bar for yield potential, building on one of the industry's strongest and most diverse product lineups.

In more than 650 Answer Plot comparisons across geographies, Croplan seed delivered an average of 7.4 bushels and 2.3 bushels per acre higher yield than a leading competitor for corn and soybeans, respectively.

Croplan seed by WinField is thoroughly vetted through the Answer Plot system, so farmers can see firsthand how products perform under local conditions and across the country. "WinField selects the best-performing genetics with the best traits for each area to help our customers optimize the productivity of their fields, said Ryan Moeller, technical seed manager, WinField. "It's like assembling an all-star team, Moeller added.

SOYBEANS: WinPak by WinField

Croplan by WinField's new WinPak products provide a unique combination of both offensive and defensive characteristics. "In variable soil types, WinPak varieties deliver excellent offensive strength while defending against most stresses which equates to better yield potential, said Moeller.

CORN: Honing localized genetics

WinField continues to introduce select genetics to its corn lineup aimed at optimizing yield potential and effectively controlling region-specific issues.

WinField's high-yielding Croplan products are tailored to meet the unique production challenges in a given area. For example, including a trait like Goss's wilt tolerance in the Midwest improves control of the disease, which is a significant threat to corn crops in that region.

When farmers invest in Croplan varieties, they're adding the expertise and tools of the entire WinField organization to their arsenal.   The R7 Tool by WinField uses regionalized and local seed data in conjunction with satellite imagery to analyze field conditions, pinpoint high-yield potential zones and identify the right seed for their fields.

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