New 20-minute diesel fuel test

Diesel fuel quality should not be assumed. A simple rule to remember is if you get one gallon of bad fuel and add it to your tanks of good fuel, you just tuned your tank into bad fuel, according to the Dieselcraft company.

Testing of fuel on a regular basis will prevent surprises at the wrong time, which could definitely be a problem during the heavy workload of spring.

Dieselcraft is offering a new fuel test that can be done in no more than 20 minutes. Test #OX-20 will test for fuel oxidation. Oxidation starts to take place on fuel that is over 30 days old. The first signs are darkening of the fuel. The older and darker the fuel the less efficient it is. Eventually oxidation will lead to tank sludge and filter plugging.

This test is simple and quickly shows results. If the fuel is bad, the test will indicate a black reaction layer in the test vial. No reaction is good, but any reaction shows the need for additives and extra filtering.

The test kit consists of the oxidation catalyst, five test vials and the sampling pipettes. Each kit will do 20 tests.

Tests work on all diesel fuels: #2 Diesel, Red Diesel, Maine Diesel and Jet Fuels.  The kits are available from




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