Munson Hybrids to offer ABM seed treatments for 2016 season

Munson Hybrids announced its intentions to offer Advanced Biological Marketing (ABM) planter box seed treatments for corn and soybeans for the 2016 season.

Munson will offer:
*SabrEx for corn - a root inoculant that improves the root system as well as increases water and nutrient efficiency for overall yield improvement.
*Graph-Ex SA for soybeans - an inoculant and seed lubricant to increase yield and provide good plantability

"We are pleased that Munson Hybrids will be offering our planter box products," stated Bill Winter, Regional Sales Manager for ABM.

"They saw the yield advantages and exceptional return on investment (ROI) of these two products. Even at current grain prices, both SabrEx and Graph-Ex SA offer an ROI of more than 5 to 1."

"Munson Hybrids is always looking for an edge for growers to maximize yield. Our own testing plus the ABM research shows a yield bump when using SabrEx for corn or Graph-Ex SA for soybeans," said John Hennenfent, CEO &; President of Munson Hybrids.

"Planter box seed treatments from ABM are easy-to-apply and allow the farmer the choice to use or not use, depending on conditions at a particular field or farm."