More Info on Collecting Funds from the Syngenta Settlement

Syngenta recently agreed to pay a $1.51 billion settlement to farmers for MIR162 (Agrisure Viptera) litigation. Lawsuits can be complex—and this one is no different, leaving many farmers wondering what next steps to take to receive payout.

Class members can submit claims online at or request a paper copy claim at 1-833-567-2676, according to the corn seed settlement administrator in a recent news release. Farmers and other class members have until August 10, 2018 to object to, or exclude themselves from the settlement. Members must file a claim by October 12, 2018 to receive payout.

The Kansas City, Kansas court will hold a hearing November 15, 2018 to approve of the settlement. If the settlement is approved, it will be disbursed among the following:

  • Corn producers, some landlords, grain handing facilities and ethanol facilities that submit eligible claims
  • Court-approved attorney fees
  • Service awards to plaintiffs who helped prosecute the case
  • Fees to the appointed Special Masters
  • Cost relating to notice and class administration

The amount class members receive depends on the amount of corn individuals priced for sale between September 15, 2013 and April 10, 2018.

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