More Hagie Sprayers To Be Outfitted with John Deere Engines

After the 2016 acquisition of Hagie Manufacturing, John Deere continues to outfit Hagie models with John Deere engines ( John Deere )

For model year 2019, two more models of Hagie sprayers–STS10 and STS12–will be powered by 6.8L PowerTech John Deere engines. This follows the announcement in 2017 the two higher range STS sprayers, the STS14 and STS16, transitioned to use John Deere engines. In 2016, Deere announced it planned to acquire a majority ownership of Hagie Manufacturing.

The STS10 boasts 280 hp while the STS12 has 300 hp. The STS10 and STS12 models will have a redesigned engine compartment to feature the same engine that is used in the John Deere R4030 sprayer. Additional changes include a new high-performance cooling package, new toolbox, air intake scoop and changes to the right side of the chassis for the DEF tank and fuel tank. Using the same engine across the models is explained by the manufacturer to help dealers support the machines.

In addition to the above updates, the Hagie sprayers will feature expanded options for the Dual Product System (DPS), which allows the tank to be divided for two products to be applied in a single pass. Hagie DPS will be available for 1,200 gal. and 1,600 gal. sprayers.