More Cold Weather on the Way for #Harvest19

AgDay Weather 102419
Prepare for more cold weather in the Midwest with a few possibilities for snow. ( Jerome Isaac )

Snowbirds prepare to take flight, more cold weather is on its way for the Great Plains and Midwest. Meteorologist Cindy Clawson, with AgDay TV, is tracking a cold front in northern states riding in on the edge of a wetter forecast for southern states.

Oklahoma and parts of northern Texas should expect to see precipitation this weekend into early next week, including snow in some areas, Clawson told AgDay Host Clinton Griffiths. States to the north and east should expect continued dry weather.

Dry weather in the Midwest is good news for many farmers who are still fighting to harvest the 2019 crop. With the potential for stalk rots, ear damage and frost deteriorating the crops’ conditions, it’s important to get into as many fields as possible while the weather holds.

In certain areas, fields might be deceptive. Farm Journal Field Agronomist Ken Ferrie says he’s finding green corn fields that are testing as low as 21% moisture.

“I know at this point the bean harvest should take top priority,” Ferrie says. “But I don’ think we want to sit idle until noon waiting for beans to cut if you still have all your corn to harvest. Sure, it’s not exciting to pick corn at 23% moisture and pay for drying it, but picking corn in the snow at the other end of this harvest isn’t good either.”

Get out into fields and perform pinch and push tests on corn and keep a close eye on soybeans. If you’re seeing lots of broken pods, or corn that’s lodging, it’s time to make those fields a priority. Take advantage of dry weather to get across as many acres as possible.

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