Mobile apps, Web resources available for weed control

The abundance of smartphones, tablet computers and laptops provides the opportunity to quickly find answers for many difficult questions that you face in the day-to-day operations in agribusiness. For weed control in particular, there are several mobile and online resources that can help you make informed decisions regarding pesticides and their use rates. Below is a quick summary of some of the useful (and free) smartphone apps and Web sites.

Herbicide and other pesticide labels


Mobile: iPhone and iPad free


Agrian is an excellent source of information for pesticide labels, including supplemental labels and other updates. The mobile app (for iPhone and iPad only) allows you to quickly search their database from your handheld device and read the label as a PDF file. Likewise, the website allows you to quick search for information on any pesticide. Keep in mind that the information presented on Agrian is for the entire US and that not all products are registered for use in Oklahoma.

ODAFF pesticide database


The Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food, and Forestry pesticide database provides current information regarding pesticides that are registered for use in Oklahoma. The database is searchable by product name, active ingredient, pest, and site where the pesticide will be used. This website also contains the pesticide labels and supplemental materials as PDF files.

Various company Web sites

Additionally, the best resource for the up-to-date pesticide labels and information is from the chemical manufacturers themselves.

Sprayer and tank-mix calculators

TankMix Calculator app by DuPont

Mobile: iPhone and iPad free

This app will help you calculate the amount of product and water needed to treat a specific area. All of the inputs, including product rate, tank volume, and spray volume, are customizable for your particular needs.

The pesticide information presented in this publication was current with federal and state regulations at the time of printing. The user is responsible for determining that the intended use is consistent with the label of the product being used. Use pesticides safely. Read and follow label directions. The information given herein is for educational purposes only. Reference to commercial products or trade names is made with the understanding that no discrimination is intended and no endorsement by the Cooperative Extension Service is implied.

Tank Mix Calculator by TapLogic

Mobile: iPhone and iPad, Android free

This app, available for iPhone/iPad and Android-based devices, helps you calculate the amount of product that should be added each time the sprayer is filled based on your tank size and output rate. The tank-mixes can be saved and reused for future applications.

Mix Tank app by Precision Laboratories

Mobile: iPhone and iPad free


The Mix Tank app, available on iPhone/iPad as well as the web, is a great resource for determining the order that products should be added to the spray tank to ensure compatibility. This app also contains several videos regarding spray mixtures.


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