Mobile app records safety behavior observations

RCI Safety, a leading global safety consulting firm dedicated to protecting the health and well-being of workers representing several industries, has developed a mobile application for safety professionals to use in recording employee safety behavior observations. The Behavior-Based Safety (BBS) iTrac application allows safety personnel to document individual behaviors by location and record actions as either safe or unsafe. In addition, users of the RCI Safety BBS iTrac app can also post comments related to specific observations and generate/view reports, all from the convenience of an iPhone or iPad.

"The BBS iTrac app is the first of its kind within the safety world, said Chris Goulart, director of consulting services for RCI Safety. "We've designed it for ease of use and functionality. Any organization looking for a mobile tool for documenting behavior-based safety observations, generate reports and capture real-time information should consider securing this very helpful and easy-to-use safety reporting and recording tool.

The BBS iTrac was developed for use by safety personnel within any organization that tracks, observes and records safety behavior from remote locations without access to a computer terminal for entering observations. The BBS iTrac app allows users to enter the information directly into an iPhone or iPad, and email the observation reports to various personal and company email accounts.

Organizations with a large number of observers in the field will appreciate being able to eliminate numerous paper-generated reports that would need to be sent to a single administrator. The BBS iTrac app allows them to streamline this same task by simply sending an electronic record.

The safety consulting services offered by RCI Safety are composed of several Web-based safety management system applications that have successfully lowered total incident rates (TIR) and lessened the severity of work-related accidents for companies both large and small around the world. The development of the BBS iTrac app is another example of the many innovative Web-based and Web-compatible safety products and services developed by the company.

"Behavioral safety and the concept of continuous improvement are the core safety philosophies built into the many Web-based safety applications and services offered by RCI Safety, said Tim Boyer, chief information officer. "The BBS iTrac app serves a valuable niche in assisting safety personnel to better streamline behavior safety recording functions while on-site … from any location.

The BBS ITrac app developed by RCI Safety is available through the iTunes store for only $9.99. For more information about RCI Safety, please visit  


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