MN Corn Crop Shows Signs Of Planting Delays In August

Western CT Day 4 082418
Scouts make the trek to Minnesota to look at crops. ( Betsy Jibben )

Scouts on the Pro Farmer Midwest Crop tour are heading home Friday morning after a week of scouting fields across the Midwest.

Pro Farmer released results from its samples in Minnesota. The corn samples have an average yield of 178 BPA, a lower number than USDA’s August estimate of 191 BPA. Pod counts from Pro Farmer’s tour by a 3 x 3 sample total 1,090.

AgDay’s national reporter Betsy Jibben traveled through Jackson and Martin counties. She talks with Ken Eckhardt, a farmer and scout from Minnesota Lakes, Minnesota; Ted Landsteiner, a farmer and scout from Mapleton, Minnesota and Jeff Wilson, the Western Leg Lead on crop tour and Pro Farmer senior analyst.