MKC Named 2017 Precision Impact Award Winner

At the 2017 ARA Conference and Expo, AgPro magazine named MKC as the recipient of the Precision Impact Award. The award is co-sponsored by the Ag Retailers Association and SST Software. The Precision Impact Award recognizes retailers who are leading the industry with precision ag in products and services offered to farmers.

For the past 8 years, the team at MKC has focused on growing its team to serve farmers with precision ag services. This year’s Precision Impact Award winner is the team at MKC with headquarters in Moundridge, Kansas.

“At MKC, our customer profile is incredibly diverse,” says Dave Christiansen President and CEO. We go from customers that are primarily ranchers and have pretty good inputs with pasture grounds to the far south, we have some very large operators with 5,000 or 6,000 acre farmers. So there is a lot of diversity in our footprint. What we understand is precision ag is a technology that can benefit each and every one of them. and our job is to continue to tell the message and teach them how to better utilize the tools and technology out there.

PIA-MKC V5 from Farm Journal on Vimeo.

MKC serves farmers across 24 counties with 9 agronomy hubs. The cooperative has been able to build closer relationships with customers as they build out their precision ag services.

“We can go out and share the value proposition that is MKC, and is delivered through precision and precision platform,” says Troy Walker, Precision ag manager and agronomy field sales manager. “Through Having the right product, in the right place at the right time—all of that--with growers. It’s exciting for our precision team and our sales team and MKC as a whole. We have something that can help growers be more profitable particularly in a time that is challenging as this is as.”

To help show growers the value of adopting precision ag while being mindful of the cost, MKC has rolled out a new program, Optimal Acre. This include a four-year contract for grid soil sampling, VRT fertilizer and seeding prescriptions, data analysis, and WinField United R7 in season imagery with the costs spread out over four years.

“Precision ag is important because we believe it’s the future of farming,” says Ross Benisch precision ag specialist. “We’ve seen the great value and benefits it provides. We feel it’s our obligation to share that information with our growers to help them be as successful as possible."

Precision Impact Award at ARA 2017
Photo by Zimmcomm Media

The core of MKC’s precision business is centered on data—analytics, analysis and more. With variable rate prescriptions for fertilizer, seed and irrigation, MKC is helping farmers maximize their input investment.

“I tell people all of the time one of the challenges I have as a farmer is to make it easy for me,” says farmer CJ Blew. “So I need someone who can take the equipment I have, the variable rate equipment and precision ag equipment I have and take it all the way to the prescription. literally, I can take my data card or go into the cloud, and go directly to MKC, and they can management zones and make prescription. I need someone who can make it easy for me, and MKC has done that.”

The approach for MKC’s Precision Ag program is built on the 4R philosophy; lowering the barrier of entry for farmers all while helping them realize maximum yields and profitability.