Mix Up MOA with Easy-to-Mix Panther SC

Nufarm ( Panther SC )

How many herbicide modes of action should you use in a sound resistance management program? “As many as you can, then add one more,” says Joe Steinlage, customer and brand marketing manager with Nufarm.

Panther SC herbicide is a liquid flumioxazin that is easy to include in pre-plant or pre-emerge herbicide programs ahead of soybeans, cotton or peanuts while adding a potentially different mode of action to the tank. The product mixes fast, which is convenient during busy spray time. To see how quickly Panther SC mixes, watch this video:


  Nufarm Video

Apply Panther SC early pre-plant all the way through pre-emergence for burndown and residual control in all herbicide tolerant soybean systems, whether they’re Roundup Ready, LibertyLink, or the new dicamba-tolerant soybeans. Panther SC controls a broad spectrum of broadleaf weeds, including most glyphosate-resistant species.

“Not only does Panther SC mix fast, it is also compatible with many other herbicides being used today. This means that Panther SC is an easy choice when it comes to building a resistance management program,” Steinlage says.

For more information about Panther SC, view this product brochure online.


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