Missouri Department of Ag Director Halts the Sale and Use of Dicamba Products

Today, Chris Chinn, a farmer from Shelby County, Missouri, and the state director of agriculture, issued an order that all sales and applications of dicamba products for agricultural purposes in the state cease immediately.

“Based on feedback and research, the Department of Agriculture is hitting the pause button on all dicamba products,” she says in a video posted to YouTube.

“That means that distributors can’t sell dicamba products and, more importantly, it means farmers should not apply dicamba products until we lift this order,” she adds.

Chinn says she has asked manufacturers of dicamba-based products and farmers to work with her to resolve the issue quickly.

“We want to let applications resume this season…I know we have a small window of time…and our department is committed to getting this done,” she says.

Chin adds that stewardship is a “shared commitment,” and is the only way the industry can move forward to resolve concerns regarding the use of the dicamba technology.

You can watch Chinn’s full remarks here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q1MpZXgucrA&feature=youtu.be