Minnesota and Iowa Fields Take Over #PFTour18

Hail damage, excessive moisture and immature plants seem to be the common theme as Crop Tour scouts hit the fields in parts of Minnesota and Iowa this morning. Will this trend continue throughout the day? Scroll down to take a look at what researchers are finding.

Host of U.S. Farm Report, Tyne Morgan, captured this photo in one Iowa field, reporting an astounding 220 bu. per acre corn and 1,800 soybean pods in a 3x3 foot section.

Jarod Creed reported some bruising on corn hit by hail in Guekeen, Minnesota. However, the estimated yield still reached 194 bu. per acre.

Other parts of the state didn’t see high yields. Dustin Hoffmann found 104 bu. per acre corn in Blue Earth County, Minnesota.

National Reporter for AgDay and U.S. Farm Report Betsy Jibben discovered immature corn in Jackson County, Minnesota. Soybean numbers were also low.

Just west of Tama, Iowa, Mitch Wentzlaff snapped some photos of corn yielding 174 bu. per acre and soybean pods reaching 1,251 in a 3x3 foot section.

Capturing footage of corn and soybean fields, Karen Braun shares this video in Winnebago, Minnesota.

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