Mike Hoffman: Expect An Active Weather Pattern This Week

According to U.S. Farm Report Meteorologist Mike Hoffman, storms and cold air could create an active weather pattern this week. ( Lindsey Benne )

Many farmers across the U.S. received precipitation this week, but the question is – was it enough?

The East Coast and U.S. capitol region continue to be hardest hit with drought, as well as Colorado and surrounding states, said U.S. Farm Report meteorologist Mike Hoffman. Meanwhile, the region west of the Great Lakes is experiencing heavy moisture.

“We continue to see extremely dry conditions in the panhandle of Florida and into the Carolinas,” Hoffman said. “We've had some tropical moisture in this exact area over the past couple of days, so we'll see what next few weeks look like.”

Precipitation in the upcoming week is expected to be spotty. Two cold troughs from Canada are expected to push into the U.S., bringing storms and cooler temperatures. At the end of the week, the western U.S. can anticipate warm air to settle from Mexico while the East may remain cold.

“We have an active weather pattern at least to start the week across the northern tier of states, especially a strong trough moving from west to east that brings a storm system followed by a shot of colder air for a day or two. Then, you'll notice another trough kind of replaces that.”

Hoffman said his 30-day temperature prediction calls for below-normal temperatures in the region west of the Great Lakes, a belt of normal temperatures in the Midwest and Central U.S., and above normal temperatures around the East, West and southern coasts.

Hoffman said his 30-day precipitation predictions will be influenced by the cold troughs reaching down from Canada.

“I'm going above normal for Texas,” Hoffman said while describing his 30-day precipitation forecast. “Above normal on up into the Great Lakes, below normal in that colder drier air to the north of the front across the northern Plains, and also below normal in parts of California.”

Hoffman said he expects the Western U.S. around California and the East Coast to experience normal precipitation.

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