Midday Catchup: Farm Bill, Immigration & Planning Storage

Senate Ag Chair Pat Roberts (R-KS) talks with U.S. Farm Report's Tyne Morgan. ( U.S. Farm Report )

The Senate is pushing to release its version of the farm bill by Friday. U.S. Farm Report's Tyne Morgan has exclusive reporting from Capitol Hill and the White House on stalled, but not killed, Renewable Fuels Standard deal, the farm bill and immigration. And we've got tips for saving money with grain storage and moisture sensors.

Here's some of what's happened so far today on AgWeb:

Sen. Roberts: “You say anything about crop insurance you're talking about land values coming down, so that's the number one thing that we'll protect in the farm bill.”

In an exclusive interview with U.S. Farm Report's Tyne Morgan, Senate Agriculture Committee Chairman Pat Roberts (R-Kan) says he will get farmers and ranchers the good farm bill they deserve. 

After the House farm bill vote was derailed by the Freedom Caucus over demands for a vote on a conservative immigration package,  Roberts says farm country shouldn’t expect major changes from the Senate. Instead look for minor tweaks and improvements that he says makes the bill stronger and immune to strong partisanship. 

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Biofuel Industry Holds Off White House RFS Plan

Watch AgWeb later today for more exclusive reporting from Tyne Morgan on the rumored Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS) deal from the White House that was put on hold this week. Is the deal dead or just on life support? What will the ethanol industry have to give up in order to get year-round sales of E15 approved? Morgan will have the details in a package on AgWeb later today including interviews with the White House legislative director and USDA Secretary Sonny Perdue.

No Farm Bill Without Immigration Deal

AgriTalkThe farm bill is stalled on the House floor as the Freedom Caucus demands a vote on a conservative immigration package. The man behind that immigration plan, Cong. Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.) was on AgriTalk yesterday to detail his plan and its hold on the farm bill. 

Goodlatte said his bill would move the farm worker program to USDA and would lessen the requirements for farm operators.

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Avoid Hay Fires

While it may seem counterintuitive, wet hay is actually a fire hazard. Anna-Lisa Laca has the details on how to keep you, your hay and your barn safe.

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Helping Your Pocketbook

Water sensors can help save big bucks on irrigation.

A refresher on how to use a hula hoop to calculate soybean populations.

Keep dollars this fall with grain storage prep today.

A New Podcast

The First YearsAnna-Lisa Laca has launched a new podcast with the unicorns of agriculture, first-time farmers. It's called The First Years.

In the latest episode: Andrew Hartshorn’s childhood was as similar to yours as it was different. He grew up in a small town where everybody knew his name. He played community sports and participated in extra-curricular activities. Sound familiar? Except, for Hartshorn, the family business was a funeral home.

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And...A Fun Thing

You never know what you'll find in the field. Chris Bennett has a look at the varied collections of rocks, arrowheads and all the other buried treasure found while turning soil.

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