Mathews Company Introduces a New Mixed-Flow Grain Dryer

Mixed-flow grain dryer ( Mathews Company )

To help with tricky harvest conditions, Mathews Company has introduced a new mixed-flow grain dryer called the Delta Series with SmartFlow technology. This new product line will consist of eight models with drying capacities ranging from 600 bu. per hour to 8,400 bu. per hour.

“There are no screens to clean, which means there is no need to break out the power washer, and because of its screenless design it naturally maintains its drying capacity throughout the fall harvest,” says Nick Nanos, director of product sales and marketing for Mathews Company.

While this isn’t the first mixed-flow grain dryer on the market, it’s the first created by Mathews Company and features a new, unique design.

Here’s what the company says makes the Delta Series different than competitors:

  • Quiet drying: in-line centrifugal fans reduce noise, increases efficiency and avoids ‘stall’ operation
  • High efficiency burner: features low emission stainless steel and cast aluminum construction
  • External heat chamber: ensures uniform temperature distribution by applying the highest temperatures to the wettest grain and keeps the burner flames isolated from the product being dried
  • SmartFlow technology: a tapered duct system to evenly distribute drying air across the grain column for high quality grain and maximum holding and drying capacity
  • Pinnacle 20|20: standard dryer control system that features intuitive, dual 10” HD touchscreens for control, customization and a built-in backup
  • M-C Trax: remote control application developed by Mathews that allows operators to control their dryer from anywhere in the world

The company says it’s ideal for drying various grains such as barley, canola, corn, soybean, sunflower and wheat. It is available for the 2019 season.