Marketing Not Government Payments is Key to 2019

2019 Trade Support
FMC has come to market with its 3RIVE 3D system to apply insecticides and fungicides based on crop protection needs. ( FMC )

Uncertainty around weather and trade remains a major issue for farmers heading into planting season. What is clear are statements from USDA that there will be no MFP or trade-related payments in 2019.  That's why analysts like Mark Gold of Top Third Ag Marketing says it's important to be engaged in marketing plans right now. 

"I think what's critical is because we know we're not going to have that support from the government this year. The American farmer has to be proactive in marketing," says Gold during an interview with Tyne Morgan for AgDay-TV

Gold says just ignoring the market and letting things happen probably won't be good enough in 2019. 

"You have to protect this thing because if we don't get a trade deal, there's a tremendous amount of corn, wheat and beans," says Gold. "If we get a trade deal then we're looking at much better days ahead."

From Gold's perspective protecting prices may be worth spending some money. 

"My fear is that the American farmer who has missed the opportunity in the past three or four years to sell early is going to sell earlier this year and then not do anything," says Gold. "I always say you know when the American farmer sold out of grain [because] that's when these markets will rally."

To hear more from this interview with Mark Gold and his thoughts on marketing watch the video above.