The Market Says Step-Up Your Corn-Production Game

Boots in the Field Report with Ken Ferrie ( Crop-Tech Consulting )

“What’s the market told you to do in the last two weeks?” Ken Ferrie asks farmers in his latest podcast of Boots In The Field.

His answer: “When the market offers 50 cents more per bushel of corn, we can raise 30-bushel less and still gross about the same amount of dollars as in [a normal year]. In a market rally like this, it’s time to step up your game not pull back.

“We’ve gotten our butt kicked here in the first quarter of the game, but that doesn’t mean we give up when there’s three quarters left to play,” he adds. “A lot of you still have the potential to make over 200-bushel.”

At this point, though, Ferrie encourages farmers to shift away from full-season corn to early- or mid-season corn.

Ferrie notes that farmers are asking whether they should bump populations when planting earlier season corn, and he says no.

“This late-planted corn is popping out of the ground in five to six days, and it’s giving you a higher ear count than normal already. The smaller ears you get on late-planted corn is due to less starch accumulation in the grain fill. Kernel count isn’t the issue, it’s a lack of starch to fill those kernels,” he explains. “Early-season corn tends to be taller corn; that along with higher populations tied to a delayed harvest can lead to down corn, so I’d leave those populations alone.”

Along with corn, Ferrie shares his insights on planting soybeans at this point.

He says stay the course if you’re planting full-season beans. Plus, if you have early beans left to plant you might want to change those for full-season beans. “With late beans it’s time to think about cutting those 30-inch rows to narrow rows,” he adds.

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