Mark Faust: One Focus Guaranteed To Double Your Business

Office tools are an essential part of any business. ( Farm Journal Media )

Do you ever feel like you and your team are overwhelmed by chasing myriad objectives? Does this tyranny of the urgent management tone feel more like shooting at a fluffle of rabbits that just jumped out of their warren versus aiming at that one trophy buck? The difference between taking a few shots at a half dozen rabbits on the run versus zeroing your sights on a giant buck standing in a holler is an apt metaphor for transforming a business and achieving marketing and selling effectiveness. 

When beginning an engagement with most of our clients, we walk in to find that management has a shload—a technical term clients often use—of goals, objectives and expectations, and few are being done well. There is a lack of focus because there is no clear prioritization. 

A business or individual never has just one objective. To be effective, though, select only one objective to be the most important for a business or individual. For the enterprise, I call this the central growth objective (CGO). For the individual, I call this the role focus objective. 

Here are the three steps we take in our one-day, once-a-quarter echeloning facilitations that can transform your entire organization and literally double your growth trajectory:

  1. Innovation and Focus Objectives. Every area of the enterprise should continually be looking to create a new dimension of performance and innovation. Every group must also have an innovation objective. Change it as often as possible after having achieved a positive result. 
    Ensure that your team has agreement around the priority of, and what is, your ideal customer; what is your most profitable product/service package to sell more of; who is your ideal new hire; ideal vendor relationship, etc. Objectives about the ideal customer mix are a must! Rank everything; debate and agree as much as possible on the priority. If nothing else, have a facilitator help your leadership team prioritize your ideal offering and ideal customer, and set objectives accordingly. With just this, odds are you are ahead of 90% of the pack! 
  2. Cultural and Community Objectives. Getting all you can out of all you’ve got in your team is only realized when the team is engaged, challenged and feeling respected. Your team is the best judge of what that looks like. Set cultural objectives with some input from throughout the team, and have the right leadership representatives codify the final targets. This should not just be done alone by you, the CEO. A synergizer in this effort is to set Community and Social Responsibility Objectives that don’t just give back to the “communities” within which you exist, but also feed your company in both literal and figurative profit. 
  3. Resource and Productivity Objectives. Every division and individual should know and buy into a particular productivity objective to which they will contribute. After the above, discuss debate and agree on the one CGO that will most likely help your organization double.