Machinery Pete: Let’s Talk Planters

Machinery Pete: Recent High Auction Prices for Planters ( Machinery Pete )

The used planter market really heated up in late 2019, which carried over into 2020. Case in point:

  • Traffic for used planters at was up nearly 25% in fourth quarter 2019 versus the previous quarter.
  • On Jan. 25, 2020, at a consignment auction in northeast Missouri, a 2019 John Deere DB60 24R-30 with 4,500 acres sold for $240,000 — highest auction price ever on a planter. The second-highest price was $230,000 for a 2014 John Deere DB60 47R-15; it sold Dec. 17, 2014, at a farm auction in central Ohio.
  • At a Jan. 15, 2020, farm auction in south-central Ohio, a John Deere 1770NT 24-row sold for $125,000, and a John Deere 1795 16/32 with 3,310 acres sold for $135,000.
  • In terms of new planters, Fendt’s Momentum with a vertical contouring toolbar had strong interest online and on social media. The same has been true for Kinze’s 05 series planters.

After reading my blog about the record 2019 John Deere DB60 sale, long-time friend Rod B. from Minnesota dropped me a note that hit the nail on the head.

“We purchased a 2008 John Deere 1770 CCS 24R-30, with liquid fertilizer, Ag Leader row controls, CleanSweep trash whippers and Precision Planting’s AirForce seed delivery. It’s 6.5 out of 10 for condition. We paid $63,000. We posted our 2002 John Deere 1770 16R-30 wide-frame box planter with screw-adjust Dawn row cleaners, spike closing wheels and Precision Planting eSets for $22,000. It sold to the first guy who came on the yard, no questions asked. He sold his 1760 12R-30 that night.

“My point is planters are hot commodities right now. Everyone wants to speed up planting after last spring/summer.”

Amen to that. If used planters are in decent shape and spec’d right, buyer demand is there.