Machinery Pete: Age Analysis Based on Brand

Highest Prices: John Deere 200 hp to 250 hp ( )

How does age affect used farm equipment values? Great question — and one I’ve been documenting for 30 years exactly, as it was November 1989 when I began compiling auction data. It seems like yesterday and also a lifetime ago.

Up With The Old

Those of us who are old enough have watched new equipment prices continue to surge higher during the past 30 years. The truth of the ever-rising cost of new has always worked to pull up the value of used options in the nicest condition.

I’ve always found it interesting to analyze a particular manufacturer and a certain horsepower range. What’s the nicest 2-year-old tractor sell for? What about 5-, 10-, 15-, 20- and 30-year-old models? Check out the data table for an analysis of John Deere tractors in the 200 hp to 250 hp range.

As our Machinery Pete auction data has pointed out forever, the hot spot often lies right around the 10-year-old mark. That holds true for the John Deere 8330 that sold for $132,000 at an Indiana farm auction in June.