Machinery Journal Mid-February 2019

Machinery Journal Mid-February 2019 ( Farm Journal )

High-Tech Planter for Narrow Rows

Kinze Manufacturing announces a new 4700 planter.

The 36-row 20" configuration with the Kinze 4000 series cast row unit will be available for the 2020 planting season. The 4700 planter will be offered in 24-row 20" and 24-row 30" configurations in the future. Key features include the Blue Vantage touch-screen display to control the planter, the Blue Drive electric drive and True Depth downforce. A three-section frame, 60' total, allows the toolbar to flex up or down 15 degrees. A 120-bu. bulk seed tank capacity with hydraulic weight transfer is standard, and a 600-gal. liquid fertilizer capacity is optional. When folded, the 4700 planter is about 16' wide, or 10 rows wide, and stands 46" off the ground for transport. Orders can be made in April 2019 through a Kinze dealer.

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Monitoring System Is Like An MRI For Grain Bins

A departure from the current technologies that use cable systems, the GrainViz system from GSI creates a three-dimensional map of grain moisture. GSI says the technology is similar to an MRI or CT scan as GrainViz provides moisture content of the entire grain mass, which can be monitored and measured down to the individual bushel.

The system, launched in partnership with 151 Research, has a customer portal to view and manage the grain bins, including fan control, inventory reporting and interactive management with outside weather. In addition to moisture, GrainViz can help farmers monitor insect, rodent and human activity.

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Sensors Automate Furrow Closing and Depth Control

Precision Planting is expanding its lineup with beta versions of a closing-wheel system and adjustable row-unit technology for 2019.

FurrowForce is an automated row-by-row system that allows farmers to monitor and adjust down pressure from the cab. A sensor measures downforce on the closing wheels, which is then relayed to the 20/20 SeedSense monitor. FurrowForce uses two stages to close the furrow and manage soil density. The pinch wheels are set wider than traditional systems and move soil horizontally to remove air gaps. The following stitch wheels create the proper soil density for moisture retention and quicker germination. Load cells on the stitch wheels measure the weight they’re carrying; the weight ensures the pinch wheels are cutting into the soil at the proper depth. A control valve on each row pairs with the load cell to change the force applied to FurrowForce to maintain consistent soil firming.

Based on information relayed to the 20/20 monitor and with the push of a button from the cab, SmartDepth electric motor changes planter depth. When SmartDepth is paired with SmartFirmer, moisture-based control of seeding depth can occur. The planter operator can set a minimum and maximum depth and a moisture target, and the planter will automatically adjust to stay within the ranges.

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