Machinery Journal - March 2020

Machinery Journal - March 2020 ( Company Provided Photos )

Great Plains Offers New Line of Drills

The Great Plains box drill legacy continues with a new line of minimum-till folding box drills. The BD7600 series, available now, is offered in two- and three-section models ranging from 26' to 40'.

The new drill line includes features such as hydraulic drive to allow prescription map variable-rate control and hydraulic calibration, changing row spacings by closing the meter inlet, and scales, says Chris Coleman, Great Plains engineering manager.

The new feeder cup meters by speed, adjusting for different application rates. Staggered wheels and chevron-shaped outlet gates help to deliver seed and fertilizer more consistently.

The larger tongue and frame bump the weight of the box drill, which helps keep the row units in the ground. The geometry of the seed boxes, with capacity up to 3.8 bu. per foot, allows them to be filled without moving any seed by hand.

Horsch Introduces Maestro SV Planters

This spring, Horsch is launching the Maestro SV row crop planter platform. It features 12- and 16-row planters with 30" row spacing, as well as 110 lb. of seed carrying capacity and 400-gal. to 600-gal. liquid tanks, depending on the model.

To handle uneven terrain, the planter’s three-section toolbar can flex 25 degrees up and 22 degrees down. In addition, the Maestro SV comes standard with a weight transfer system, which takes the weight of the chassis and distributes it evenly across the toolbar.

“Pinch rows are probably one of the biggest hidden yield robbers in modern corn production,” says Jeremy Hughes, product manager for Horsch. “The Maestro SV’s weight transfer system aids in eliminating pinch row compaction that can rob yields by maintaining uniformity in soil structure as you plant.”

The planter features hydraulic row unit down pressure as a standard feature to maintain precise seed depth placement. The AutoForce system, which regulates down force automatically pending soil density characteristics, is optional.

SureFire Ag Systems and Kinze Partner in Fertilizer Solution

Beginning with the 2021 planting season, Kinze planters can be installed with SureFire Ag Systems’ liquid fertilizer planter solutions. The custom fertilizer systems allow for multiple product applications, high-speed planting, row monitoring and application rates from under 1 gal. per acre to more than 50 gal. per acre.

“SureFire fertilizer systems are custom-designed to meet farmer application needs and are complete with everything they need to start planting faster and more easily than ever before,” says Susanne Veatch, Kinze president.

John Deere Rolls Out New Planting and Application Equipment

A new planter from John Deere is geared toward farmers with smaller or older tractors. The 1745 MaxEmerge 5 planter can be quickly folded for transport, and its compact size tracks within the duals of the tractor for stable transport under 13' high.

“We made the planter simple, so it will work with older tractors, but if you’re looking to be a little more technologically advanced, you can option up to higher spec levels,” says Jeffrey Barnes, John Deere product manager for the 1745 planter.

The planter is offered in 8-row, 30" or 15-row, 15" configurations. Three commodity storage options are available and include 1.6-bu. and 3-bu. row hoppers, or mini hoppers with the 50-bu. John Deere CCS central-fill seed delivery system.

Air Cart Fills Fast

The C650 air cart can be ordered as a tow-behind or a tow-between configuration. It features a 650-bu. capacity, high-flotation tires and a fill rate of up to 100 bu. per minute. The C650 is compatible with certain hoe drills and no-till drills.
control Starter

Fertilizer Row By Row

Introduced as a factory-installed option, John Deere’s ExactRate is a liquid fertilizer application system for planters. It gives operators row-by-row section control to help reduce fertilizer and chemical costs.

ExactRate monitors and controls application with the John Deere 4640 Universal Display or the 4600 CommandCenter. It can be operated at speeds up to 10 mph.

In the Shop: Your Planter Checklist

Most farmers are up to speed on the major wear-points on their planters (disk openers, closing wheel bearings, etc.), says mechanic Dan Anderson. To learn the few spots farmers commonly overlook that can cause breakdowns or problems during planting season, visit