Machinery Journal - December 2018

Machinery Journal - December 2018 ( Farm Journal Media )

AGCO’s Sunflower Brand Introduces Till Control System

Sunflower’s latest precision farming product, Till Control, allows operators to monitor and control tillage depth and other functions from inside the tractor cab.

On the SF6830 high-speed rotary finisher, the Till Control system allows operators to observe the hydraulic level gang on-the-go, ensuring a consistent, level soil output. Till Control helps the operator set, and hydraulically lock, the two intermeshed gangs of rotary spider tines at the optimum working depth. It also limits the pressure the cylinders can apply to the spider tines once the machine reaches working depth.

For the SF1436 Series disk harrows and SF6631 Series vertical tillage tools, the Till Control system allows operators to monitor and adjust the fore and aft-frame, as well as the hydraulic lift system. It ensures the wing’s slave cylinders stay in phase with the center master lift cylinders.

Till Control allows equipment to communicate with ISO-compliant tractor terminals. Operators receive active error and maintenance notifications in the tractor cab.

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Elmer’s Manufacturing Doubles Down With New Grain Carts

The newest Haulmaster grain carts, with 1,100-, 1,300-, 1,600 and 2,000-bu. capacities, feature a redesigned low-profile frame said to improve stability. The grain carts also sport a custom-designed track system.  

The PowerMaster direct drive gearbox, which allows the carts to be up to 16″ lower than previous models, replaces belt-driven designs. Haulmaster Pro allows the operator to maximize their unload experience with adaptive auger fold/unfold speed. Joystick control is optional.

The Haulmaster Connect feature provides for a direct scale connection to improve scale diagnostics and load tracking. A tablet is supplied, loaded with the app.

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Case IH and Farmers Edge Team Up

Coming in first quarter 2019, Case IH customers can seamlessly share in-depth, real-time machine information with the Farmers Edge digital FarmCommand platform.

As the exclusive OEM partner of Farmers Edge, this agreement expands agronomic planning, analysis and execution capabilities. Farmers can select the service that best suits their needs, and pricing is based on a per-acre structure. Entry-level services focus on FarmCommand, the cloud-based data management platform that integrates and analyzes data in real time. In partnership with Planet Labs, Farmers Edge provides daily satellite imagery, which can be coupled with data from farm-based weather stations and vehicles as well as variable-rate prescriptions with generic or zoned soil sampling services. Customers selecting the premium packages will have access to on-farm, in-person agronomist support to develop and monitor tailored agronomic plans.

CAN bus functionality is necessary to connect to the Farmers Edge platform—and it can also be used with mixed fleets. The FarmCommand platform interfaces with the Case IH AFS Connect farm management system. Connectivity is maintained, even in remote areas.

Farmers will be able to share real-time machine information with their dealer, enabling them to receive product support services.

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