Loveland Products launches Extract Powered by Accomplish

Loveland Products, a global provider of innovative crop input solutions and subsidiary of Agrium Inc., announced the launch of Extract Powered by Accomplish (Extract PBA), a new product for residue management and nutrient release from crop residues. Benefits of Extract PBA include:

  •  Accelerated crop residue decomposition
  •  Maximum nutrient release from residue breakdown
  •  Easier plantability in the spring
  •  More even crop emergence
  •  Optimum yield potential for next season's crop

"Extract PBA is an exciting new tool for residue management and nutrient release, allowing soybean, corn and other row crop growers to access the full nutrient potential of their crop residues, said Eric Moon, Plant Nutrition Marketing Manager for Loveland Products. "By using Extract PBA to release valuable nutrients from crop residues and add them back into the soil profile, growers can re-utilize some of their previous fertilizer investments those that were taken up by the plant and remain in the residue after harvest for the benefit of next season's crop. This creates a tremendous opportunity to sustainably increase return on investment."

Extract PBA (6-0-0), which is labeled for residue management and pre-emerge applications, combines the powerful biochemistry of Accomplish® LM, one of Loveland's signature products, with ammonium thiosulfate (ATS). When applied on crop residues, the Accomplish LM biochemistry in Extract PBA accelerates residue decomposition and speeds nutrient release. At the same time, the ATS in Extract PBA promotes an optimal carbon to nitrogen ratio to enhance soil microbial activity, further expediting nutrient return to the soil profile. 

On September 16, 2015 at 8 am CT and 11 am CT, Loveland Products and its subsidiary, Agricen, the manufacturer of Extract PBA, will host a complimentary webinar, "Accessing the Full Nutrient Value of Your Crop Residue, which will explore how growers can unlock the nutrient potential of their residue to benefit next season's crop. For more information or to register, please visit


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