Lindsay announces new magnetic flow meter

Lindsay announces new magnetic flow meterLindsay Corporation, maker of Zimmatic irrigation systems, has added a new magnetic flow meter to its Growsmart by Lindsay product line.

Compared to propeller flow meters, the Growsmart magnetic flow meter does not have any moving parts such as propellers or bearings that may break, causing interruptions in water measurement and resulting in extra costs, according to Reece Andrews, new technology product manager at Lindsay.

Andrews says the flow meter can be enhanced with FieldNET by Lindsay, the company's wireless irrigation management system.

"With FieldNET-ready capabilities, the Growsmart magnetic flow meter combines with FieldNET to give customers real-time, convenient access for up-to-date status, alerts and reporting, Andrews says. "It includes FieldNET's easy-to-use interface, convenient mobile app, and reports and historical archiving capabilities.

Typical uses for the flow meter include irrigation, wells, lagoons and agriculture automation.

Andrews explains that, when water goes through a magnetic field, it creates a small voltage pulse. By measuring that voltage, the magnetic flow meter calculates how much water is flowing through the pipe.

Dirk Lenie, Lindsay vice president and flow meter project manager, says growers are increasingly concerned about water management and conservation.

"The flow meter is built to Lindsay's standards at an ISO-certified factory, with steel construction, die-cast housing, and a top-rated IP68 enclosure seal, Lenie says. "It will help take the guess work out of water usage and save growers time, water, energy and money.

The flow meter comes in a range of pipe sizes, from 6 to 12 inches. An optional battery pack is available.

Lenie adds the Growsmart flow meter has been tested for accuracy by the International Center for Water Technology (ICWT), an independent testing lab dedicated to advancing water management practices and irrigation technology.

For more information, visit or talk to your local Zimmatic dealer.


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