Leaders Emphasize Solid Supply Of Ag Inputs

“We've had about half of our orders in the month of March come in through the digital portal,” says Nutrien's Mike Frank. ( Nutrien Ag Solutions )

On AgriTalk, host Chip Flory was joined by Jon Doggett of NCGA and Mike Frank, Executive Vice President of Nutrien & President of Nutrien Retail. They both recently appeared on Doggett’s new podcast, and they updated Flory on their perspectives of how the ag supply chain is ready to serve farmer amid the COVID-19 pandemic.  

“I talked to Mike Frank with Nutrien,” Doggett says. “He was very optimistic, and he’s a guy that I trust and when he tells me that they're in a good spot as the largest ag retail outlet in the country, largest fertilizer producer in the country, that makes me feel pretty good.”

Frank then joined the conversation to add in additional details, including the increase in their business conducted online. He shared that with the wet conditions in the Corn Belt it’s been a slower start to spring. 

“But that's going to change, so we've got fertilizer in our sheds, we are delivering seed, and wherever we can we're trying to get product out to the farm,” Frank says. 

He cited Nutrien’s policies supporting social distancing and minimizing in-person business. 

“We're being very careful with trucks that are coming in. So if the trucks coming in for delivery, we're not letting the truck driver get out of the truck and come into our branches,” he says. “We're taking precautions like that.”

He reiterates they are “open for business” and branches haven’t changed operating hours, however already they’d seen an uptick in the usage of their digital tools. 

“We've had about half of our orders in the month of March come in through the digital portal,” Frank says. “So we're definitely seeing an uptick in digital ordering.”

Separately, in a video message posted to Facebook, Liam Condon, President of Crop Science, shared a message that agriculture serves everyone in society, and Bayer is ready to help serve the industry. 
He closed his video with “we’ll make sure this health crisis doesn’t turn into a hunger crisis.”