Kuhn Introduces No-Till Grain Drill

The Kuhn 9400NT ( Kuhn )

If you’re in the market for a no-till grain drill, you have a new option available in the Kuhn 9400NT. Just introduced, the drill is designed for planting cereal grains, legumes and cover crops with consistent and precise seed depth.

Key features of the drill include:

•    the proven Helica meter design, combined with smooth drop tubes and standard seed agitator, which the company says generates a steady flow of seed and minimizes pulsing when planting;

•    three hopper configurations--seed only, seed and fertilizer, seed and seed;

•    an optional legume box;  

•    optional ISOBUS compatibility, for monitoring drill functions and alerting the operator to any performance issues. Kuhn says the system monitors the seed shaft, hopper level, speed and acres planted on-the-go. A “calibration assistant” makes the calibration process quick and painless.

More information is available at Kuhn.com.