Kubota Unveils Autonomous X-tractor Concept

The X-tractor concept from Kubota ( Kubota )

Kubota this week unveiled a futuristic concept autonomous tractor called the X-tractor. The battery-powered, tracked machine was first shown at a new product exhibition in Kyoto City, Japan.

In a press release, Kubota claims the concept is a zero-emission vehicle, using a combination of lithium-ion and solar batteries. The company claims artificial intelligence allows for “stable autonomous driving, even on wet paddies and uneven terrains.”

The X-tractor can change height to either lower the center of gravity or raise the operating platform above crops.

1970 Dream Tractor concept from Kubota
The X-tractor unveiling comes 50 years after Kubota unveiled it’s first concept, the Dream Tractor exhibited at the Japan World Exposition in Osaka in 1970. According to the Kubota press release, the Dream Tractor boasted “superior functionality, great driver comfort and easier operability.”