Koch Gains Exclusive License for Yield-Enhancing Product

Koch Biologicals Solutions recently secured exclusive rights to Asilomar Bio’s yield enhancement technology. The product can be used in foliar, in-furrow and other modes of application on all major row crops and plantation forestry.

The technology is patent-pending and uses a new class of active ingredient which represents a new mode of action to improve yields, according to Koch. Asilomar tested this technology in a science-based development platform and in field testing.

"Asilomar has developed a deep understanding of the genetic and physiological control of water and nutrient usage by plants, and we are using that knowledge as a foundation to develop products with demonstrated efficacy," says Eric Davidson, co-founder and CEO of Asilomar Bio. "We believe Koch's agriculture experience, commercial capabilities and shared vision of delivering scientifically validated products will provide growers with the ability to increase their yield."

"We are always seeking new ways to bring customer-driven solutions to the market whether that's through the development of our own products, or through collaborations with innovators like Asilomar," says Bill Boycott, biologicals business leader for Koch. "We are very excited about the novel technology developed by Asilomar, and we look forward to providing science-based solutions to the problems growers face every day."