Koch Biological Solutions And Plant Response Merge

The crop biologicals industry has a new player thanks to two entities joining together. Plant Response Biotech, Inc. is a new company formed with the combination of Plant Response and Koch Biological Solutions. 

“These companies are naturally complementary, and it made tremendous sense to bring the two together and create real synergy,” Tom Warner, chairman of the board for the new Plant Response Biotech said in a news release. “For example, both companies’ screening and validation platforms are complementary, with the ability to define mode of action and identify the resulting cellular response.” 

Warner also said Plant Response Biotech has a commercial team focused solely on biologicals, which will help advance Koch Biological Solutions’ product pipeline.   

Tom Snipes, CEO of Plant Response Biotech says the new company will go to market with “12 science-based products designed to mitigate abiotic stress, provide intrinsic yield improvement, enhance plant innate immunity and increase nutrient use efficiency.”

“We are pleased to combine our world-class R&D capability into a new entity with focused commercial capabilities and a globally recognized investor group,” Justin Hoppas, executive vice president for Koch Agronomic Services said in a news release. 

The new company has a global footprint with headquarters in Raleigh, N.C. and multi-site operations with R&D in Hayward, Calif., as well as EMEA R&D and commercial operations headquartered in Madrid, Spain.       

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